KSA 79-1476 requires that each property in the county be inspected at least once every 6 years. At the property, the county staff will take photographs of the house and outbuildings. The county staff will also confirm the current buildings and property characteristics. These tasks will be performed by the staff from the county vehicle when possible. If visual confirmation is not possible and/or impediments to the photography are present, the staff member will step out of the vehicle. The vehicle we will be driving is a Blue Dodge Durango with Osborne County signage on the windows.

Our Inspection period is expected to begin in May and run through September. The Osborne County website will include the general area where the staff will be working.

We will be inspecting parcels in the following locations:

  • City of Osborne and Bloomington
  • Penn Township
  • Tilden Township

Anna Porter
Osborne County Appraiser's Office

We encourage everyone to maintain social distancing, wash their hands, and wear a proper mask, worn properly, if you are concerned for your health. We want to remind everyone that if a place of business or residence, or public facility requires a mask that you must follow their rules. Many places in Kansas have passed regulations with fines if you do not wear a mask, so please be aware that you may be required to wear a mask under penalty in some places.


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